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What Inspires Me

I discovered the power of a good story when I read Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White, as a young girl. I reread that book so many times, hiding away in my closet so I could cry freely when Charlotte died.

Since then, I’ve come to judge a book or movie by my own kleenex rating. The larger the used pile, the more I liked it. The magical ingredient that makes a good story is what inspires me to write—along with my lifelong quest to discover deeper truths through spirituality and science. My writing reflects those things that intrigue and define me.

Completed Work

LOST INSIDE HER, 71,000 words, is a young adult thriller with elements of romance and a climax that explores the realm where the supernatural meets science. This fast-paced journey with unexpected twists takes readers through a young girl’s quest to discover and trust who she really is.

It all starts with Gabby. To seventeen-year-old Violet, Gabby is a lifelong friend. To her parents and doctors, she’s a mysterious mental disorder to be treated with meds and therapy.

Can the sacred Megis shell help Violet find her way?
Will the sacred Megis shell help Violet find her way?

When Violet secretly stops her meds and struggles with mysterious new symptoms, it threatens her safety and budding relationship with Neil, a Native American classmate who just moved to her affluent town from nearby Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

As lies unravel, Violet’s condition worsens, and her doctor plans her transfer to Mayo Clinic for long-term testing, Violet takes her life into her own hands. She embarks on a daring and dangerous journey with Neil and his dog to Red Lake Reservation, where his grandfather, an Ojibwe shaman, helps her discover who Gabby is and the danger that awaits her on her eighteenth birthday, only three days away.

Although Violet’s connection with Neil blossoms as spiritual events hint at their predetermined fate, she struggles with Gabby’s warnings about him and something he hasn’t told her about his past.

Violet must face her fears and trust her instincts and recurring dreams that her relationship with Neil is meant to be. And…she must save herself from Gabby’s hold before it’s too late.

Works in Progress

  • THE MOUSE AND THE MUSTANG takes middle grade readers on an adventure of a young field mouse who struggles to stay out of trouble so he can save his family.
  • Non-fiction account of my sister’s two-year Peace Corps experience in Cameroon, Africa.
  • FULLEST explores what happens when someone loses almost everything she thought was important in her life. When the small plane carrying magazine editor Roxanne and her family goes down in a remote mountain range of Taos, New Mexico, she not only struggles with loss and survival, but she discovers the surprising truth about her marriage.

Past Highlights

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